Hiking boots and mapIf you like walking, then you will LOVE Alston.

The fells (which are part of the North Pennines Area of Natural Beauty) are home to an amazing array of wildflowers along with red squirrels, deer and majestic soaring birds of prey.

The Pennine Way is some 20 yards from the hotel making us an ideal stop between Dufton (1 days walks across the fells) and Greenhead which is one days walk North.

We are also on the South Tyne Trail and the Isaacs Tea Trail, a 36 mile circular walk which is well marked with the distinctive Isaac signs. The trail is named after the itinerant tea seller and fund raiser Isaac Holden, whose career began as a lead miner; when his health deteriorated and earnings from the mines fell, he was forced to find another career.

His Scottish born cousin (another Isaac), invented and developed looms for the woollen industry. The company of Isaac Holden and Sons, amassed a fortune with factories in Bradford able to process the wool from the regions 8 million sheep.

For those looking for more gentle rambles, Gossipgate to Blagill offers views from the Alston Moor along with the chance to explore some of the regions industrial archaeology, and at 3 miles is perfect as an afternoon stroll.

We are happy to advise on other short walks around Alston.